Our mission is to become one of the best in the industry by providing the highest quality solution to our customers and clients without compromise. We believe that talent and customer service have no limits and these should be nurtured beyond the minimum standard of acceptance.

In order to achieve our mission, Victoria Recruitment commits to

• Be honest and open with your education marketing services

• Provide unmatched level of service to clients

• Meet the expectations and needs of students

Our mission is founded upon the view that

• You’ll feel confident about your whole education journey

• Your enrollment process will be more efficient and quicker

• We have experts that are here to help you succeed in your course


Enabling positive change in Victorian communities by working with individuals to develop skills and support their efforts to find meaningful employment.


To prepare Victorians for work and place them in meaningful employment that will benefit you, your family and the community. We provide one-on-one coaching to develop skills and work with organizations on finding jobs that suit your skill set!

Core Values


Integrity is the cornerstone of our success. We do what we say and follow through on every commitment in a fair, honest manner while maintaining transparency with all stakeholders and colleagues alike.


We take time to learn about the people we work with, and respect them for who they are.


We work collaboratively to achieve our goals which in turn leads us to become a more inclusive team and brings people from diverse backgrounds together for the mutual benefit of all involved.


We care deeply about Victorian communities and use this passion to motivate people to achieve their goals in work and life. We want you to know that we are here for you on a personal level every step of the way!